How should I presume to write about daring on a day which I have spent almost entirely in being afraid?


Oh, I’ve done lots of things today, but woven through all of it is the stripe of fear: fear of disappointing other people, fear of not being enough, not being good enough, not accomplishing enough, fear because of the past and fear for the future.

In short, y’all, I was afraid.

“Fear not,” He says; “I am with you.
“Be not dismayed for I am your God.
I will strengthen you . . . help you . . . uphold you with my righteous right hand.”

He tells me to be anxious for nothing, and yet I let anxiety ache along my spine, wore it as weights on my limbs all day, and looked out through it at so many gifts I might have noticed.


And He says that I am to cast all my anxieties on Him, because He cares for me. But I didn’t.

It was a long day, a day without daring. Yet He showered me with grace in the love of my loved ones.

So that here, at the end of it, Christ is my hope. I have been afraid, but I’m on my way to His table. He makes me able, makes me brave to come to Him, to be healed.


Today I join Kate Motaung and her Five Minute Friday writers to write on her prompt, Dare. The button above will take you to her site, where you can read more and join in.

©2014 by Stacy Nott

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