Again and again, scripture tells us to look, to notice, to cast our eyes round this world of God’s creating and see what He has done. He is honored when we do. Noticing is worthwhile.

And so, lacking the time this year to tackle a more complicated theme, I’ve decided to spend this year’s 31-day blogging challenge noticing: in creation, in people, in the books I read, the things I hear. So often I forget to pay attention and let worlds of goodness slip by unrecognized. Here’s to a month of paying attention, of pausing, of sharing, even in the midst of busyness.

I invite you to come with me as I pay attention this month: press the “Subscribe” button on the left for new posts delivered to your inbox, or like my Facebook page where I share links to each new post, or just come back and visit when you feel like pausing for minute.

And if you want to do your own 31-day blogging challenge, or if you want to read some of the so-many other bloggers who are writing on so-many other topics, click here.

Day 1, Notice of Noticing


 Day 2, lights; seeds


Day 3, new

ice cream

Day 4, maroon, and other things


Day 5, born(e) there

Day 6, poetical

The Mark, by Kateri Aris Tolo

Day 7, Scandal of Particularity


Day 8, Lavish Grace


Day 9, declaring

Day 10, care

on fallen flower buds

Day 11, sunlight

Main Street

Day 12, Unexpected


Day 13, even the wind and the sea


Day 14, glad

glory, noticed in a different October

Day 15, glory together

Day 16, make it new

another shot, of another October, because it is long

Day 17, long

these are paintballs

Day 18, boys


Day 19, rest


Day 20, but He did

He calls me to let go of my doings and rest . . . .

Day 21, doing

Virginia creeper, too, apparently.

Day 22, working backwards

P1040870 - Version 2

Day 23, counting graces


Day 24, dare


Day 25, alone


Day 26, lovingkindness


Day 27, goodness. mercy.


Day 28, pearl


Day 29, at the piano

Day 30, colors


Day 31, leave

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