I don’t claim that words are the gospel. But the gospel is framed in words, about the Word through whom all things were made and without whom was nothing made that was made. And this place where words meet Word and we find them running parallel: this is what makes me excited; this fills me with wonder.

Words are important. Not just the sacred words, the gospel words, but words in general are precious and powerful things.


This month, I’m joining many other bloggers and taking a challenge to write every day for thirty-one days on one topic. When I began to consider taking the challenge, I asked myself what topic I could write. And I almost immediately answered myself, “Word-Wonder.” I’ve written at and all around about this topic often — as you know if you read here regularly — and I am excited, and frightened, to work at it consistently.

I seem to be joining in later than most — I’ve learned that other bloggers have been planning their “31 Days” for months now. I’ve been planning for a week, but I have an outline, anyway, for the month: this first week’s general topic is “Words,” week two will focus on “Sentences,” week 3 on “Stories,” week 4 on “Songs,” and, for now, I’m calling the last few days “Wonder.” I don’t yet know exactly what I will write every day, but I hope you’ll join me on the journey to find out.

I’ll be posting links to all the posts in this series below, so you can come here to find them, read them, and respond, if you wish.

Word-Wonder: Day 1

Day 2: In the Beginning

Day 3: Acting

Day 4: of vocabulary

Day 5: Write (Five Minute Friday)

Day 6: Naming

Day 7: One Word

Day 8: Sentences

Day 9: Combining

Day 10: Completeness

Day 11: From Design

Day 12: Ordinary (Five Minute Friday)

Day 13: Interrogative

Day 14: Incompleteness

Day 15: Stories

Day 16: The Little Teacher, a story

Day 17: Stories and People-ness

Day 18: And Starlight, another story

Day 19: What for?

Day 20: Why stories?

Day 21: Story-pictures

Day 22: Poetry

Day 23: Polyphonic

Day 24: To Be a Stone

Day 25: Experienced

Day 26: Together (Five Minute Friday)

Day 27: Incarnation

Day 28: Unintended

Day 29: Worlds out of Words

Day 30: Only Words

Day 31: Wonder

Thank you for reading!

©2013 by Stacy Nott

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