When I began this blog, I described myself with the following:

I love words.  And light.  Words that bring light; and the Word that is the Light.

I am young.  I know little.  But perhaps writing what I see will help me to see more clearly.  Perhaps, in a small way, my words can bring light, too.

All of it still applies, here on my “about” page.  I still love light and light-bringing and light-being words.   I am still young, though older than I used to be.  And I know that writing what I see has made my vision clearer.

I used to think that between-ness was a temporary thing, that I’d arrive someday at what I was to be, and no longer be between but just be there. Here I am; I’ve arrived, and after all to “just be here” is to be between. Between my beginning and my ending, neither where I was yesterday nor where I shall be tomorrow.

Right now I’m somewhere between newly-weddedness and seasoned motherhood, learning and relearning the rhythms of naps and laundry and cooking, picking up the toys for the umpteenth time and kissing the invisible booboos which demand my care.


And sometimes, in odd corners of time, I write, fearful of saying too much or too little.   But I am learning that there is grace, even for the words which I boldly fling to you in cyberspace. Grace enough that sometimes some of the light I so love gets through the words to you.  Grace enough that I may write, even when it doesn’t.

You read.  That also is grace.

I thank you.

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