Today I join Emily P. Freeman to share a few things we learned in September.


  1. People are astonishingly generous, so that all I can feel is small and glad and grateful. (Related fact: it’s fun being the bride at a wedding shower.)
  2. @socalitybarbie is a fun feed to browse. (And it reminded me of the more fun of browsing Catalog Living.)
  3. Visiting three college friends in Virginia is a good idea, and oh! it was good for my soul. Laughter; lots of laughter.
  4. Going outside to wait for your ride is a good idea:
    IAD: sunset
  5. At least two people are trying to still live in the Victorian era — not as reenactors, but just as a lifestyle. I find it highly unusual.
  6. Elizabeth Goudge. So far I haven’t met a book by her that I didn’t love. The Rosemary Tree is no exception.
    Here’s a quote, chosen because it requires less context than most of the other gems I’ve found, and because, like the other gems, it rings true: “I’ve never welcomed anything difficult or painful. I’ve always resented it and hit back. I can see now that to have welcomed the slings and arrows might have been to welcome love.” Yes.
  7. Getting married is SO much work, and I’d never have a hope of being ready if it weren’t for my mom.
  8. People are the best: family, fiancé, friends . . . and the random people you meet throughout the day: the TSA agent singing “Oh Happy Day,” my friend’s neighbor who made us come into his yard and filled our hands with tomatoes, the girl who sold me a hamburger at Five Guys. I like people.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

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