Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): try

Version 2

How do you write when you haven’t been writing, and the words go in circles and your mind is walking with your husband and baby at the park? Try.

How, when the dust is thick on everything, and the laundry wants folding, and there are crumbs under the table? Try.

Write the blue sky outside the window, the squirrel crouched on a mossy branch, the pink crepe myrtle, and the way you can already see the damp heat of Mississippi August hanging between the tree and the power lines over the road.

Write the square of sunshine on the carpet, with its shadow-border of pothos leaves, the spinning fan on the ceiling, the red oval clock ticking on the wall.

Write the baby’s chunky legs, walking and walking and walking this week. Write the way he holds your head in his sticky hands and smiles that smile into your eyes, and you can hardly breathe for love of him.

And when the five minutes is up, realize that you don’t have to try anymore, because there are more words than time, and like so many forms of obedience, the hardest part was simply to begin.


Linking up today — for the first time in a long time — for Five Minute Friday, to write on this week’s prompt, try. The button above will take you to the FMF site, where you can read all about it.

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