Five Minute Friday: more


We were back at the grocery store yesterday because we were out of coffee. But I’m always running out of something, always needing more.

More sleep. More time. More energy.

More courage. More patience. More joy.

And my baby? He seems always to be wanting more of me. Not naps, just Mommy’s undivided attention.

I’m learning, but I’m not good at giving him that. So quick to see my list of chores and responsibilities, and put him on that list. He’s not a chore, though, not an item on my to-do list: he’s a person, with all the same person-needs I have — needs for love and smiles and conversation. The need to feel like a person and not a chore.

I run out of myself so often. Need more to keep going.

But my Father never runs out. In answer to all my needs He gives more of Himself.

He doesn’t cross me off His to-do list. His eyes are on me. His ear is open. His right hand holds me up, and His very breath keeps me breathing.

For my many needs, He pours out more grace, again, and again, and again.


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