Nearly nine years ago, in this coffee shop, I reintroduced myself to a friend of a friend, whom I’d met a few years before. It was one of those I-know-who-you-are-and-this-is-starting-to-feel-awkward things. Anyway, today he stayed home with our four boys to give me a little time on my own.

There’s one view of our story which would see a series of coincidences. Just wild chance that we’d ever met in the first place. But I take it as the particular design of an immeasurably kind God.

It’s easy to say He is kind when the story looks like this: my husband doing the breakfast dishes and little boys waving from the window when I got in the van this morning. Sometimes, it feels easier to blame chance if things look less rosy.

Did God have a moment of inattention that led to whatever thing is hurting you today? Not a chance! I must insist that this, even this, is kind design. He is good, thoroughly and always; and He is no less good when the how is a mystery.

Nine years ago, He was good when I was lonely and had definite reasons to believe that the boy I met in the coffee shop would only and ever be an acquaintance. And He is good today. And He will be good nine years from now, whatever the shape of our days then.

Not by chance, but by design.

Linking up today with my old Five Minute Friday community, and very thankful for a prompt to guide me when my time is short and thoughts are muddled!

©Stacy Crouch 2022

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): chance

  1. We know not what will betide,
    we know not all of the story,
    but I know we dare not hide
    from the Lord of hope and glory.
    Hidden in the darkling eve
    as the stars come out to shine,
    we must tremble and believe
    the fateful words, “Lord, I am thine!”,
    for as we’re bound unto His heart,
    He is bound selfsame to us,
    raising love unto an art,
    raising children from mere dust
    animated by His breath,
    for all time immune to death.

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