A counter-psalm

The law of the world is imperfect, 
wearying the soul to death; 
the testimony of the world is false,
establishing fools in their folly;
the precepts of the world are wrong,
grieving the heart;
the commandments of the world are impure,
blinding the eyes;
the fear of the world is filthy,
swiftly passing away;
the rules of the world are altogether untrue and unrighteous.
Of less value than Monopoly money, 
their shimmer is that of fool’s gold;
their saccharine savor will sicken, not satisfy. 
Moreover, their guidance leads to graves;
those who love them must lose all.

Let this warning drive you, dear reader, to the better law of God’s word: it is perfect, sure, right, pure, clean, altogether true and righteous; it brings soul-revival, wisdom, joy, and enlightenment; it is of lasting, inestimable value, incomparable flavor, warning of evil, bringing great reward (Psalm 19:7-11).

©️Stacy Crouch 2021

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