Which leads to my last implication: If these things are true, then we as Christians should value and honor the Bible. Jesus is the Savior, but he is also the Lord (Acts 2:36). God is the only one who can make authoritative truth claims. Therefore, if we want to be people of the truth, then we must be committed to the word of truth. When we speak or hold views that are contrary to scripture, then we are placing ourselves on the throne. When we disagree with God, we think too highly of ourselves and too low of God. But God’s thoughts are higher than our thoughts, and his ways are higher than our ways (Isa 55:9). 

And if we think about it, we know this is true. Let me use myself to make this point. Very often, I put on an outfit to wear, but when I talk to my wife, she lets me know that I might just look ridiculous. Also, I often say things to people that sound good in my head, but upon exiting my mouth I instantly realize my error. (Can someone sympathize with me about asking a woman if she is pregnant when she isn’t?) Yet, I am to be trusted to have the words of wisdom? Am I really to be trusted about matters of moral judgement? Am I really that wise and infallible? Not even to mention my selfishness and pride, my mistakes as a parent, my ignorance of many things, and my outright sinful, evil desires. No, thank you. I know myself all too well. God alone is to be trusted in this way. 

How then can we be committed to the word of God? First, hear God’s word (Acts 17:11). Be an eager receiver of God’s word preached. Find a church that is committed to exposing the word of God in its preaching and hear the word. Next, read the Bible (Deut 17:19; Matt 4:4). And I don’t just mean look at some Bible verses every day, but actually read all of the Bible. I’m amazed at the number of people who propose to speak for God who have never read the Bible. How are we to know our God if we never care to listen to him? People often want to hear from God, yet the 66 books of Scripture lie dusty on a bedside table or warped on the backseat of a car. If you do not have a daily habit of reading God’s word, then I reject your claim to want to hear from God. Read God’s word. 

Next, memorize and meditate on God’s word (Psa 119:11, 97). Store up God’s word in your heart that you might not sin against him, and as you store up these treasures, really think about it. Prayerfully consider what God is saying as you commit these words to memory. And this should lead you to study God’s word (Psa 111:2). Really dig in to understand what God is saying. Don’t just open the bible to be confirmed in what you already think. Find out what God thinks and humble yourself under his word. This is hard work, but God’s word is a treasure that is worth mining and admiring.

Final Thoughts

God has spoken to us, and he has revealed to us both his own nature as well as our own. Correctly understanding what is true about God and ourselves is of eternal importance. As Christians, we are compelled to live our life in light of these truths. But if we do not have a grasp on God’s word, then we are doomed to be tossed like a wave of the sea driven by every wind of doctrine. Too many professing Christians ignore God’s word and then wonder why they are filled with confusion and doubts. Too many churches only pay lip-service to the word of God, and then we wonder why we see little growth and few true conversions. Let us be done with ignorant Christianity. Let us walk in the light of God’s word. By the power of God’s Spirit, let’s put to death our pride and arrogance. Let us finally “unbox” God and become a people of his word!


For a free book on the word of God, click HERE.

For bible reading plans that will help you build a daily habit of reading God’s word, click HERE.

For getting started with scripture memory, click HERE.

For finding a healthy church in your area, click HERE.

Visit gccjackson.com if you are in the Jackson area.

©️Jacob Crouch 2020

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