Be anxious for

nothing except what
is reasonable – tonight’s
dinner, tomorrow’s chores.
What is rational:
nothing more than
clothes for next
season and where
they’ll be stored.
What is logical:
nothing more than
next year’s maybes
and the potentialities

of warning labels,
medication side effects,
whether I’ll like
my toddler son’s
future wife, whether
we’ll be at war
with China or
Russia or the
American government.

Tornado season is
perennial, as is
my question about
safety on conventional
foundations. But even
the best-poured slab
is sand unless
the Lord builds
the house, guards
the city.

In vain
I watch, build,
eat this bread
of anxious toil.
He calls me
Beloved, bids me
Be anxious for nothing.

©2019 by Stacy Crouch

4 thoughts on “Be anxious for

    • Thanks, Jenn! Lines depend on lots of things — sometimes meter, if it’s a more metrical/rhythmic thing; sometimes I count syllables; sometimes it’s all about meaning/impact. Here I mostly just went with three words per line, with a couple of exceptions. I had done some other things with spacing, but I couldn’t translate it to the blog format. 🤷‍♀️ No science to it.


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