Five Minute Friday (on Monday): better

Found on my stove this morning.

I had to think about what day it actually is for the title, because sickness in the family has kept me out of all my usual weekly landmarks for a week and counting. The weather’s been yucky and the babies irritable, and I’ve not been much better myself.

My thoughts form into conditional statements: When the sun comes out again, when our pinkeye is gone, when the baby sleeps better, when the mud is dry, when I get to see people again, when the house is clean …. then things will be better. Then I’ll be better.

But God’s goodness doesn’t wait for sunny days. Seeking Him, we lack no good thing. If we’re His, we can follow out the logic that the God who withholds no good thing is giving the best things. And sometimes those best things are sick days, sad days, days when the sun doesn’t shine.

His goodness is better than my goodness, and He operates with glory in view, when I’m living often in pursuit of the next five minutes of peace. How much better it is that He, not I, orders the days.

Linking up with the Five Minute Friday community to write on 2019’s first prompt, better.

©️2019 by Stacy Crouch

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (on Monday): better

  1. “How much better it is that He, not I, orders the days.” Yes, and how much better for my wholeness is my ongoing submission to His sovereignty than my, “kicking against the pricks.” Thanks, Stacy.


  2. So glad tobeback in the loop after taking off for a few years. One day at a time became railroad timbers winding me on a very long journey in life. I have decided to gat off the train for a while and stop to visit. It’s been nice.

    You have children plural. My how time flew


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