29 . together

Our days together are numbered, mine and this baby’s, whose sleeping head is sweaty against my arm now. Periodically, his blue eyes open to check that I’m still here holding him, and then the long lashes fall slowly, and he’s sleeping again, safe.

He’s closer now to one than to birth, and today I watched him push a little car across the yard, legs working just as they will when soon he lets go of supports and starts walking — running — into the future.

These days, he wants me within his vision at all times, and most often wants me within touching distance, but soon it will be two little boys trying to disappear around the house when we go outside. Two little boys napping in beds away from me.

I’m excited for them: excited that, only eighteen months apart, they’ll get to do so many things together and be best friends as well as brothers.

But for now, I’m soaking up these days with my baby still a baby, both of us content to be together.

©️Stacy Crouch 2018

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