1 . Story

It’s always the hardest part, starting. Figuring out which words should be the first, and if these first words are worthy of where I’m trying to go.

But today I don’t know where I’m going, just making a beginning: deep breath, plunge in.

That’s often best, isn’t it? Because then you’ve started, and you don’t have to wonder how it starts anymore; you know. You don’t have to live in the anxieties of all the maybes. It’s almost always better to be doing a thing — even a hard thing — than worrying about doing it.

I know, because I worry a lot. Often, I hold my breath and wait until the beginning has been forced, and then I find I’m breathing and life is moving along.

God’s prerogative is to know and declare the end from the beginning. Mine is to hope in Him and not fear anything — beginnings or endings — because He knows them all.

Today, impulsively, I decided to join Kate Motaung’s month-long link-up of Five Minute Friday link-ups. I think I’m crazy. I know I won’t write them all. I thought the first prompt was “begin” because that was the word on Five Minute Friday’s Instagram photo. So I wrote on that. Then I read the instructions and found out the first prompt was “story.”

Well, I began, in any case. And when looking for a picture that wasn’t of my babies, I found this one of what my toddler did with blue chalk on his bedroom door. (The door wasn’t in wonderful shape to begin with, but now it seems to be stained blue.) He scribbles with gusto, unconcerned with the consequences or longevity of his work.

So here I am, trying to write with a similar freedom, typing with two thumbs on my iPhone while the baby sleeps in my lap. I’m sure I won’t write all the days. But it’s fun to consider trying.

writing prompts

2 . afraid

3 . believe

4 . why

5 . share

6 . belong

7 . hope

8 . comfort

9 . inspire

10 . how

11 . door

12 . praise

13 . tell

14 . ask

15 . when

16 . pray

17 . pause

18 . search

19 . who

20 . audience

21 . start

22 . help

23 . common

24 . brief

25 . capture

26 . moment

27 . whole

28 . sing

29 . together

30 . voice

31 . close

©️2018 by Stacy Crouch

One thought on “1 . Story

  1. I’m visiting from 31 Days of Five Minute Free Writing, and clicked on your button solely because of that door, decorated with such abandon. I love the parallels you’ve drawn. When we’re young, there’s something intensely magical about making marks like that. Sometimes that feeling comes back as an adult, when writing.


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