3:03 in the afternoon, and at last the sun has managed to penetrate our gray cloud ceiling and come slanting in the window to cast my shadow against the red couch. I’ve been waiting for it all day.

It’s amazing how much warmer 40 degrees Fahrenheit feels when the sun is shining, and how little motivation I feel to be outside when it isn’t shining.

It’s there either way. I saw it on my morning walk — a bright spot behind the clouds — and I knew that if only it could break through, the morning would have been different.

When the Psalmist prays that God will “cause his face to shine upon us,” this is the image we need, isn’t it? Not that a day passes without his face illumining our world, but sometimes, though we know he’s there, all is gray in our world under the clouds.

We want to see and feel, not just intellectually know, that he is with us. And he came to us, a baby named Emmanuel, to make that point evident.

It’s the light of that truth which lends glory to gray days this Christmas season.


Linking up with the Five Minute Friday crew on the last Five Minute Friday of 2017 — different. The button above takes you to the FMF page.

©2017 by Stacy Crouch

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