Need. Today I’m thinking homophones, and the word is “knead.”

I’m not really a baker, but I do make bread from time to time. When there’s time and space there’s something soothing about working the dough: pressing and folding and turning it. My grandma used to make these magnificent yeast rolls — huge and crusty with soft white insides — and she had a way of tucking their bottoms under to make them round and smooth. So anyway, I know that bread needs kneading.

It wasn’t until I watched the Great British Baking Show, however, that I learned why bread needs kneading. Yes, kneading does mix all the ingredients together, but mixing the ingredients doesn’t require the time that kneading requires. Kneading allows the gluten in the bread to build into a structure that can rise and support the weight of the loaf. If you don’t knead enough it won’t be strong enough to hold itself up, but too much kneading, on the other hand, can make a tough loaf. Bam! Years of kneading dough makes sense.

It’s like that with so much of life, though, isn’t it? Things happen, and we’re not sure of the why behind them. I’m thankful for a God who knows all the whys, and knows exactly what I need. His kneading may feel rough and pointless, yet I know — I KNOW — that if He kneads, it’s because I need it, that what He is making will prove magnificent.


Linking up with the Five Minute Friday gang to write on this week’s prompt, need. I need to do these more often.

©2017 by Stacy Crouch

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