Five Minute Friday: breathe


I sit cross-legged in the sun on the sidewalk, helping him balance as he sits in front of me and reaches chubby fingers to grasp brown leaves, spears of green grass, clover by the fistful. He brings everything to his toothless mouth, and his lap is littered with drool-coated leaves. This is my boy, and we are adventuring.


Complaining caught me this week: never-finished laundry and a dirty floor and always more to cook and a baby who wants all of my attention all the time.

But night before last the baby slept for Ten Hours Straight and I got a morning half-hour to journal and pray, and the Lord reminded me that these are gifts: a husband whose clothes I get to wash, a house, abundant food, a baby . . . three years ago, I only dreamed of these as “maybe, one day, I hope . . . .” And here they are.


So somehow, where I had hurry and frustration, He gave me a thankful heart. And in the peace of that thanksgiving, there’s room to breathe again.


Today I link up with Kate Motaung to write on her Five Minute Friday prompt: breathe. Link in the “breathe” button above.

©2017 by Stacy Crouch

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: breathe

  1. ALiyah says:

    hey Stacy – I’m your neighbor this week at FMF! I enjoyed reading your post, yip I admit that myself, these beautiful things, gifts are my husband and everythign else in between – grateful! Many blessings ALiyah (


  2. I exhaled as I read your post and especially these words, “And in the peace of that thanksgiving, there’s room to breathe again.””.. in the peace of that thanksgiving, there’s room to breathe again.” In the peace of thanksgiving, there is room to breathe again. Indeed. Thank you.


  3. jodaley says:

    You describe those early months of baby-raising well : ) I think the blessing of a baby who sleeps ten hours just when you need time to breathe yourself is God’s grace on display. My oldest daughter is expecting a baby this summer and we’re all over the moon about it. Enjoy this season of parenting with all it’s challenges and sweet memories in the making.


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