Five Minute Friday (on Sunday): rest

“Rest.” Propped back on pillows, with the laptop at a funny angle on my protruding baby-belly, I’m thinking how this word also means “remainder.” The things or people left after others have been used or accounted for in some way.

In the little bedroom bedside ours, we’ve assembled a crib, and currently it is full of the spoils of yesterday’s baby shower: so many gifts to help us welcome this little man into our world.

He shifts inside me, reminding me by increasing pressure under my ribs that the countdown is now only eight weeks and meanwhile his space is getting tighter.

I am daunted by the number of things left to do and collect before that arrival: the rest of the things.

Yet, really, my task is small: collecting material goods for feeding, sheltering, clothing a tiny person. Inside me, God is knitting him together, building an intricate being of body and soul whose days are all already written in His book — part of the “all that He had made” which God declares “very good” at the end of Genesis 1.

Day by day I am increasingly thankful that I am not responsible for creating this baby. God calls me to faithfulness in the tasks He has given me; the rest — a huge rest — lies with the Lord — as in every other area of life.

Because I know that, I also can rest.


Linking up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew today. Click the pink button above to visit her site and read more about rest.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch

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