Five Minute Friday: want

“Let not our longing slay the appetite of our living,” quoth Jim Elliot, reminding his future wife to dig in an enjoy the goodness of her here-and-now in spite of longing for goodnesses then withheld.

It’s a reminder I’ve needed often and often in my life: wanting and wanting and wanting and ignoring the gifts that made my cup overflow. Sometimes, though, I feel I need to turn the warning around: “Let not our living slay the appetite of our longing.”

In these early summer days, I’m content just to be here, now, filling boxes for our move next week, mentally arranging and rearranging the furniture, eating cups of shaved orange or watermelon ice, and taking slow walks around the block.

I don’t want to go far or do great things, my ambitions barely extend past the walls of my house: laundry folded, birthday cake baked, another stack of things culled or stored away.

And I am not sure how to do it. How to live here well, grateful for the gifts now, but cultivating a further-reaching longing, a generational vision? How to savor the freshness of a blueberry on my tongue today while keeping an eye on eternity?

I’m a creature caught betwixt and between, but I want to want the best things. january-1989we-fell-in-love

Today I link up with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday crew, writing on her prompt, want.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: want

  1. Love the Jim Elliot quote! Living well in the now is a struggle, but it teaches me a lot about focus and trust. God knows the future and what is coming. We can rest in that. Hope your move goes smoothly.


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