Last month I had the privilege of being published on Desiring God‘s blog, and I wanted to share that with my long-time readers here. So below is a peek at that post; you can click the link in the last paragraph to read the rest of the article on the Desiring God website.

“You must be learning so much! All my newlywed friends say that they learn so much about the Lord through marriage!”

The girl looked earnestly at me, her face alight with congratulations. Having been a single girl until my late twenties — when now, yes, I am a newlywed — I could read the wistfulness behind the congratulations, the little ache behind her sincere joy for us.

I know those things that you hear from your married friends: that there is nothing like marriage to show you your own sinfulness, or the depth of God’s love, or any number of other lessons. That there is nothing like marriage to sanctify you and make you more Christ-like.

And, yes, I have been learning things in my scant months of being a wife. So I could smile and say “yes” to the girl’s implied question. But I didn’t stop at yes. There was more that needed saying. . . . 

©2016 by Stacy Crouch



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