Five Minute Friday: unite

My husband and I pray to have united hearts on God’s leading for us. I’m committed to follow where my man goes, but he wants me to want to go, as well.

Talking about it with him last night, I finally put words to it: I’m afraid to ask for that wanting-to, because I know that God can give it to me. And some part of me doesn’t want to want to. It’s scary.

“Unite my heart to fear thy name,” the Psalmist prays (Psalm 86:11).

All outside ourselves are divisions: within families, churches, communities, nations. We pray for unity on so many levels, pursue it in so many ways.

But fissures aren’t simply an external problem. Sin runs as a fault line through our very hearts: flesh warring against Spirit, the old man against the new creation.

The new creation wins.

Which is why we can pray “I believe; help thou my unbelief,” and we know that He will help. Which is why I can ask Him to unite my heart, and I know that He will do it. Even to ask so much as that is only possible because Christ already has the victory.

He who can heal the fault in my heart can heal all the external fissures, as well. I look forward to the day when He will have done it, finally and forever.


Linking up with Kate Motaung and her Five Minute Friday writers to write on her prompt, unite. The button above will take you her site.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch


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