All night long it was the sound of the rain from the eaves, and still this morning it falls, steady and deliberate, on the million leaves that have supplanted the pollen of two weeks ago, on the birds feeding out back, onto puddles where it bubbles and disappears.

And this is easy, to sit and watch the rain, and it falls soothingly on my soul that had felt grimed and heavy with hurts and worries not mine, that I can’t help carry, but that I wear in spite of that.

On the bank beside the driveway, the roots of trees which had been clinging there past all probability gave way under rain earlier this week, and I think of that: how tree roots need to go deep, to be well-buried, how their roots penetrate concrete and disrupt plumbing, and how the rooting process must not be easy. But the deep-rooted trees don’t fall down.

Their roots go deepest when the season is dry and the surface-roots grow parched and things are not easy. And I watch hurting ones around me digging down deep through their dry seasons, and I rejoice to see them bearing fruit.

And I rejoice that the Father who sends this rain can also heal all these wounds. For Him, that is easy.

easyToday I link up with Kate Motaung and her Five Minute Friday writers to write on her prompt, easy. The “easy” button above will take you to her site to learn more about it and read others’ posts.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: easy

  1. hi stacy, i’m your next door neighbor at FMF. i enjoyed your post for today including the interesting music. i also browsed your blog. i see you will be having your first baby before long. how exciting:) blessings to you today:) as you can tell, i’m on the other end of the life spectrum with 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren!


  2. Hey STacy, wow I am so glad i visited you today, I am a near neighbor at FMF this week. Your words were so peaceful to me and just blessed my heart, thank you. I wonder at our similar feelings and thoughts this week – this rain and these seasons. In this I am glad I am not alone, bless you! Aliyah from South Africa (


  3. I love that image of digging down deep when times are hard. Such a helpful way to think about things. And so true. Without challenges, we don’t grow. I’ve been learning to embrace challenges instead of always wanting the easy way, but it’s hard.


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