Five Minute Friday (on Monday): news


Suddenly the news is everywhere.

A perfect wrens’ nest in an open mailbox.

Redbuds having their week of notoriety against the naked woods.

Quince flaming out in barren yards.

Glossy-sided cows against a fresh green pasture.

Our uncut lawn starred over with blossoming weeds.

Beside the front porch the surprise bulbs opening in tiny white bells.

Restless birds singing late into the night.

And my rounding tummy, more prominent, it seems, each day.

In Narnia they would say that Aslan is on the move; in Mississippi we simply call it spring.

He didn’t have to make this magic of new life each year on our improbable planet. But He does it. And this is glad news, indeed.


Linking up belatedly with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday on her prompt, news. Use the “news” button above to visit her site.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch





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