Five Minute Friday: focus


It was an art perfected on lazy sunlit afternoons: distilling the whole of the sun’s magnificent power into one blinding pinpoint through the lens of a magnifying glass. It took patience, a steady hand, and an eye that could keep gazing in spite of tears from the power of the focused sun.

And then there was the reward, when light and glass aligned just right: the sudden curl of smoke, perhaps an almost-flame at the edge of the newly-created black burn line.

Delighted, I used the sun to burn holes through leaves and write my name on small blocks of wood. I didn’t know that I was learning things about lenses and light.

Outside today the sunlight is bright and cold, and I think of how the whole fullness of deity was brought into focus in the frail human frame of the Christ, how, through Jesus, God the consuming fire is distilled into a blinding pinpoint capable of burning a man’s heart within him.

Under His patient hand and eye, we see the curl smoke and the edge of flame, and find that we ourselves now bear His name.

The Old Testament God thunders out “You are mine,” and Christ’s nail-torn hands show us how this is true.

focusToday I link up with Kate Motaung and her Five Minute Friday crew, writing on her prompt, focus. The button above will take you to her site to read more about it and join in if you wish.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch

11 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: focus

  1. carol525 says:

    I smiled – you didn’t know you were learning about lenses and light – that’s the best kind of learning! But I really LOVE your last line: The Old Testament God thunders out “You are mine,” and Christ’s nail-torn hands show us how this is true. Well, actually, your focus was good here (pun intended), but that was the best line!
    -Your FMF neighbor


  2. Dear Sister,
    So enjoy your poetic, wise words. You feel like such an old soul. I loved the imagery you painted of Christ being squeezed into and concentrated into a pinpoint of human flesh, for us because God desires us to be completely His.
    Praying for you.
    From your distant neighbor on 5minfri, Leah.


  3. Love this, Stacy…though it reminded me of school, and using a magnifying glass to burn the cover off a book assigned for reading that I simply loathed.

    The teacher was not amused. Nor was the Head.

    So I used my magnifying glass to melt paint-spots on his Jaguar, which, oddly, did not improve his disposition.

    Some chaps have NO sense of humour.

    #2 at FMF, I think…can’t quite recall, and too ill to go back to check.


  4. Starting off with the story of burning the edges of leaves with the sun and a lens had me captured . You use words very well. I’m so glad to meet you. Thanks for being my neighbor this week.


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