learnings: January 2016

Today I’m linking up with Emily P. Freeman of Chatting at the Sky to share things I’ve learned in January.


It’s been a few months since I wrote a things-learned post. I’ve been learning so many things and waiting for my world to turn just a bit right-side up. Or for the upside-down-ness of it to start to feel normal. But in any case, here, in no order of importance, are some things I’ve learned in January.:

  1. When you have upstairs neighbors, it’s possible that they may decide to vacuum at one in the morning. And you may wake up perplexed, then go back to sleep again.
  2. The BBC, though acknowledging that competition was quite stiff, declared tea the winner in the tea vs. coffee debate. Since I’ve long ago settled this as true in my own mind, I approve of the BBC’s conclusion.
  3. Ultrasound technology is incredible.
  4. Somehow, while the sheet and coverlet manage always to creep up and up the bed at night, the electric blanket, sandwiched between them, creeps down and down the bed, so that I find myself groping around my legs for it in the middle of the night. (When the neighbors are vacuuming.)
  5. Playing piano in church with a banjo and guitar and cajon and vocalists is way different from playing in church with an organ and a choir. And, while in some ways the things I play in this new context are less technically challenging, for a pianist coming from years of hymnals and organs and choirs, it is very challenging.
  6. Sometimes, on a cold, dark evening when you’re alone and not feeling spectacular, an unexpected friend showing up on your doorstep is exactly the medicine required, and you find yourself overwhelmingly grateful for said friend.
  7. World magazine, even in back issues, is excellent reading to get my mental juices flowing again. And in the December 12, 2015 issue, I found a gem in Andrée Seu Peterson’s column “The Real Me.” She argues that acting in a godly manner when we feel sinful is not, for a Christian, hypocrisy:

    “… the truth is I am not my dark side. It is not fraudulent to be slow to speak and gentle of demeanor. To consciously ‘put on’ these godly behaviors is actually a biblical command: Ephesians 4:24: ‘Put on the new self.’ Obedience is not hypocrisy.

    “It’s new-creation time. I try it on for size and walk around in it. And I foresee no plans to stop at some point putting on the mind of Christ.”

  8. Chocolate cake is more fun to bake in a dozen little blue ramekins than in one sheet or two round pans. If you happen to have blue ramekins, I recommend this method. Ramekins or not, I recommend chocolate cake:
  9. There’s a Friends of the Library book sale store in the Metrocenter Mall in Jackson. Admittedly, I never would have ventured there except out of the necessity of changing my name on my driver’s license. But, having successfully changed said name, my husband and I were excited to peruse the book sale. It made me wistful for all the library-ing days of my growing-up years, and delighted me in bringing home new treasures.
  10. One such new treasure is Elizabeth Gouge’s The Child of the Sea. Historical fiction revolving around Charles II of England, it’s different from her usual stories, and, while I haven’t finished it in order to thoroughly endorse it, I have enjoyed the escape into a long time ago in a land far away, riding Gouge’s luminous prose.


There have been so many other things learned, but there’s a little peek at my January. I’m thankful for it.

©2016 by Stacy Crouch

One thought on “learnings: January 2016

  1. bren57 says:

    Enjoyed this peek into your January, Stacy. I used to work at Friends of the Library. Came home every week with a stack, so I know the feeling of holding treasures. Will have to check out Elizabeth Gouge’s book (I’m in the world of the Outlander series, right now, and loving it!). And your ramekin chocolate cakes are so fun!


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