fear notSo you whisper that you’re afraid. Or don’t whisper, because you’re afraid to put words to it.

And you wonder why you? Why not someone brave? Someone less prone to worries; someone who progresses in large, confident strides through the centers of rooms; someone who loves adventure more than safety? 

May I whisper back that perhaps it is just because you’re afraid? When you’re feeling brave, you don’t realize you need help, but fear makes you so small and so helpless. And when you are small, you can see that your God is big.

And He keeps all His promises.

(Including the ones about supplying every need of yours. And about being with you wherever you go. And about giving strength to the weak.)

So that perhaps, when you, the fearful soul, take your timid baby steps forward in faith that your God is big enough for all your fears, He will get the glory, and you, dear fearful friend, will be made glad.
heart string 2©2015 by Stacy Nott

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