heart string 2


Sometimes it comes with connotations of war — capture the stronghold — or of love — capture your heart. Other times it’s just the effort to take a photograph or put something into words. Always, though, it comes laden with this idea of keeping, possessing. Violent or gentle, the effort to capture is an effort of ownership.

I like to own things.

The thing about life in Wonderland is that it is less about what you can capture and more about the things by which you are captured.

The way to be small and glad in Wonderland is to be captured by a vision greater than oneself, rather than trying to capture reality to match one’s private vision.

I can get so frustrated when my circumstances don’t match what I imagined for myself. But when I am captured by a vision of God’s glory expanding with His kingdom, then I am able to see that He’s allowing me to be a part of a better, larger story than any I could have imagined.

When I am captured by that vision, I no longer feel so small and afraid; I still feel small, but so glad.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

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