Here we have no lasting city.

It’s easy to see it in some ways: the paint that chips and crumbles around the window frames, the deep grooves in the wooden floors, the bricks of the street outside the window wavy from the duress of freeze-and-thaw, freeze-and-thaw.

We seek the city that is to come. The city not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. The city whose builder and maker is God.

But we’re here. We who are seeking a homeland live here, and we’re supposed to live here, we’ve been called to live here.

I wobble as I try to walk this line: home, but not home; a citizen of a country I’ve never seen, a country beyond imagining.

But I have a promise: my steps may wobble, but I “shall not be cast headlong, for the LORD upholds [my] hand.”

Here, and forevermore.


Today I link up with Kate Motaung for her Five Minute Friday prompt, “here.” The button above leads to her page, where you can find instructions on how to join and read other linked posts on the same topic.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): here

  1. Am glad that He is upholding us here until we get there! Sometimes He is the only thing that makes sense and makes this life worth seeing through strong until the end!


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