Five Minute Friday: ten [minutes of story telling]

Once upon a time a girl grew up in the kingdom of a Very Kind King. She had been told he was Very Kind more often than she could count, and, moreover, she knew he was Very Kind by the testament of her own experience of the tenderest care and the best provision for as long as she could remember.

Still, though she knew he was Very Kind, she also knew him to be Very Great, and, though he himself said he cared for the smallest in his kingdom, she sometimes doubted the extent of that care.

Thus it happened that, when the girl was grown up and going to be married, she worried that all the concerns of house and clothing and future which consumed her as her wedding approached were perhaps beneath the notice of the Very Great King. Still, remembering that he was Very Kind, she ventured to ask him for a home.

She asked for a home old in a charming way:


She asked for windows that admitted lots of light:


She asked for trees outside the windows:


She asked for an extra room:

(blurry picture; wonderful room)

(blurry picture; wonderful room)

And for other things beside.

But because she knew the King was Very Great, she knew that he would give whatever he pleased and that it might not look like what she’d imagined.

Oh, but she had not reckoned with the King’s kindness, which met each of her requests exactly. And thus she was taught afresh of the kindness of her King, and emboldened to lean on him for greater provisions and anticipate his kindness even where the future looked dim and she was unsure of the way.

And perhaps these are silly things to ask, and perhaps they are not, but I know that He has given them, and to Him belongs Very Great Glory.


And, oh y’all, I know that this post has nothing to do with Kate Motaung’s Five Minute Friday prompt, “ten.” But it’s the story on my heart today, and so I wanted to share it. To read posts that actually relate to “ten,” or to link up with one of your own, click the green button above.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

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