June: learnings 2015

What-We-Learned-in-June 1. Engagement. I could itemize this one out with the how and the where and when and what kind of ring, but for this one, let’s leave it at I learned I’m going to marry him — officially, with jewelry to prove it — and I am so thankful.

2. It’s fun to finally have the conversations we’d been tiptoeing around before he proposed: where to live and how to live and why.

3. There are So. Many. Decisions. involved in being engaged. I would have realized before if I’d thought about it, but I didn’t think about it. I’m not an extremely decisive girl: yikes.

Lady Rose MacClare's debutante moment in Downton Abbey.

Lady Rose MacClare’s debutante moment in Downton Abbey.

4. The English debutante system was ended by the queen in 1958, after much social pressure and criticism. I had assumed that proper British ladies of a certain class and age still dressed in white and went to curtsey to their monarchs as a right of passage. I was wrong. (Probably that assumption was encouraged by my knowledge that the aristocracy of the southern United States still make a to-do over debutantes.)

5. Elisabeth Elliot died. I remember her with thankfulness and admiration for her practical wisdom in godliness, and the way she lived it out. At this moment her most memorable bit of advice is one I had pinned to my desk bulletin board through college and grad school: “Do the next thing.” A relevant piece of wisdom for overwhelmed bride-hood, and an apt illustration of a woman who did not advocate hand-wringing.

6. As of this month — July — it’s illegal to text and drive in the state of Mississippi, punishable until July of next year with a  $25 fine, to be increased to $100 in July of next year.

7. Speaking the truth in love is complicated, and it’s so appealing to just give in to the waves and the winds . . . I praise the Lord for grace which reminds that we are not already perfect, but that we press on in the certain hope of the upward call of Christ.

8. House-hunting is exciting, and I am easily discouraged, but also easily encouraged. P1060205 9. It’s confusing to use translation apps to write “Happy Birthday” in Korean when I don’t know anything about Korean. There were too many options, so I just went with birthday — I think.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

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