March: learnings 2015

March was a long month, beginning in ice and ending in wisteria blossoms, punctuated by long walks in the woods and on the beach and around campus and in town. So now that it’s April, here I’m sharing things I learned in March and linking up with Emily P. Freeman, who invites to this monthly sharing. what-we-learned-in-march-2015

1. Port St. Joe, Florida is the place where, in 1838, the Florida Constitution was signed. The building is gone, but there is a monument in a gorgeous little park there.

See? Gorgeous.

See? Gorgeous.

2. There’s a lot of water in the earth’s mantle. So much so, that if it were on the outside of the of the earth, only the mountain tops would stick out. So, when Genesis 7:11 says “the fountains of the great deep burst forth,” that’s what happened. (I mean, sort of “duh.” But cool to see science catching up with the Bible.)

3. Speaking of water, snow makes my driveway look longer and more exciting. (Though it is, for a fact, long and exciting even without snow.)

Longer and more exciting.

Longer and more exciting.

4. Shen Yun Performing Arts puts on an amazing dance show, and attending — in formal attire — was thoroughly fun.

5. Shen Yun also was intentionally educational: though their literature didn’t  hint at it, the show’s obvious purpose was to raise awareness about the Falun Dafa religion, a meditation-based practice that is illegal and actively persecuted in China. The most interesting part to me was how often the Dafa claims seemed to mirror Christian claims, so that, at times, I almost thought it was a disguised version of Christianity, but it wasn’t. So I learned about Falun Dafa.

6. I learned about trios:


When they’re in motion, it’s hard to get a good picture.

7. I learned that I am as bad a bowler in Meridian, Mississippi as I have been in Clinton and Flowood, Mississippi, and as I was in Marietta, Georgia and in Memphis, Tennessee. But I still like to bowl.

8. 90% of the people in India are officially classified as “unreached” with the gospel. An astounding number, since I’ve always assumed that, as India was colonized by England, and people like Amy Carmichael did ministry there, most people would have had some gospel-exposure.

9. Port St. Joe, Florida, is also a good spring break destination if you want beach without the mayhem of spring breakers. I loved it.

See the lack of crowds?

See the lack of crowds?

10. I learned how much I love symmetrical stories when I found my heart unnecessarily delighted by seeing in the morning a woman rolling her garbage can to the curb and in the afternoon the garbage truck collecting from that same curb.

I’m still looking for the symmetry in mine, but I know it will come — only to be recognized, perhaps, long afterwards — and meanwhile I’m learning and learning and learning.

God is good.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

2 thoughts on “March: learnings 2015

  1. bethannayersjohnson says:

    Loved finding your blog via “Chatting at the Sky” linkup! I have fond memories of Meridian; although, I never bowled there!!


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