Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): gather

gathered from out of the ice

This morning I read the story of Ruth — a book possessing a poetry and romance all its own, as it seem to show between its lines that Boaz acted not only out of obligation but also from delight in the woman who gleaned behind his reapers.

Gleaning. Gathering. Not necessarily glamorous pastimes, these, and I think of the humility of the Moabitess who demonstrated her poverty gathering the leavings of those more fortunate.

There are other graces in this story, too: the remembrance that God commanded that things be left behind in harvest particularly for the poor and the strangers who, like Ruth, might be in need of such gleanings.

But also this realization: that, though the Lord had said that no one from Moab nor any of their descendants might enter His assembly forever; yet He deigned to enter this Moabite woman into the genealogy of His Son, who makes a way for all to enter His assembly by making us citizens of a new and coming kingdom — who, as Boaz palely shadows forth –interposes to redeem His people. Not simply because it is His duty, but because it is His delight.

He gathers us — even us who were His enemies — and makes us His own. And this, because He loves us.


Today I gather with the Five Minute Friday writers over at Kate Motaung’s blog. The button above will let you gather with us, too.

©2015 by Stacy Nott

2 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday (on Saturday): gather

  1. “He gathers us — even us who were His enemies — and makes us His own. And this, because He loves us” .Beautiful, moving reminder of His love and of the fact that, He does not gather us because we are precious in ourselves. It is Him choosing to gather us, to make us His own, which makes us precious.

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