noticing Today I noticed that crisp weather inclines everyone to smile more, interact more in class, and be friendlier outside class. I noticed that I like teaching more when the weather is crisp. leaves They were painting doors and door frames on my balcony today — fresh, clean, white paint. Our administrator reminded me to leap over the threshold so as not to step in the fresh paint.

I noticed that leaping over thresholds inclined me even more towards the general friendliness. Would, I wonder, we all be happier if we were required to enter all rooms with a gentle leap? Or would we grow angry at the requirement?

Whatever the result, decorum forbids such entrances and exits on most ordinary days and ordinary occasions. I notice that decorum often inhibits. But perhaps that is not bad.

The baristas at my coffee shop, in the midst of a spirited discussion with a customer, inquire of subsequent customers whether we are touchy-feely. And we laugh and answer, and I notice how glad I am to come to a place where my name is known and I can laugh without feeling like an intruder.

©2014 by Stacy Nott

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