Sometimes, if you’re noticing on a scattered-showers Sunday afternoon, you might see two people riding horseback up Main Street with a rainbow spread overhead.

I reckoned it a peculiar thing, and yet it made me glad.

I was driving, and failed to get a photo, but I do have this photo of Main Street, sans riders and rainbow, but including the authentic remains of insects on my car windshield; I leave the rest to your imagination.

Main StreetIn this I am reminded of another inexplicable sighting which I had downtown last year: fourteen red balloons released into the sky. Here are a few of the things I wrote about that:

The essential usefulness of a shiny red balloon is arguably small, how much smaller when let go into a wide sky, out of reach of human hands and eyes? And yet.

And yet, watching the balloons rise up and up out of reach of all measures of usefulness, I was filled with the delight that comes with things which exist quite outside practicality: glad, inexplicable things. There they were, reflecting sunlight, defying gravity, going who knows where to astonish who knows what placid birds with gratuitous shining.

What might it do to our doings if we were to take this approach to them? If we were to give up on measuring results, make them for the sheer joy of it, and let them go?

It gladdens me to remember, and to know that inexplicable gladness is there for the noticing.

Isn’t God good?

©2014 by Stacy Nott

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