There’s a story about Abraham Lincoln that says when he was asked how long a man’s legs should be — by people intending insult to his unusual lengthiness in that department — he answered that they ought to be long enough to reach the ground.


I’ve always been entertained by the image this conjures, of a short-legged someone suspended frustratedly a few inches above the ground, unable to walk, or stomp, or plant his feet for balance.

Of course the joke is that the ground is the one thing we can be sure of reaching, however short or long of limb we are. We’re stuck on the ground, stretching up to this thing or that, straining on tiptoe sometimes, grazing things with our finger-tips.

In the world of ideas, though, might it be true? Might we call presuppositions the idealogical “legs” on which people support themselves? For ideas to work well, for people to be able to walk, and stomp, and balance themselves, their presuppositions must reach the ground: Jesus Christ the truth, in whom all things consist.

Yet we see a world full of people whose presuppositions reach other “grounds,” which are no grounds at all. Who, for practical purposes are suspended in air; whose ideas ultimately don’t work.

The Bible promises that every knee will bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. Eventually, even in the world of ideas, this ground is the one thing we can be sure that all will reach, with legs or without them.


Joining Kate Motaung and friends for Five Minute Friday, writing on her prompt: reach. Click the button above to read more about it!

©2014 by Stacy Nott

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