June: learnings

Today I intended to join Emily P. Freeman and friends to reflect on some of the things I’ve learned in June, except I neglected to read the post she wrote, saying she was taking a break from blogging, and would skip the “What I Learned in June” post. So there’s no link-up, but I’d already made my list, and thought I’d go ahead and share.

1. I learned I should check to make sure things are happening before showing up for them. (Even in the cyber world.)

2. During morning worship at RZIM’s Summer Institute, I learned this song, which I’ve been singing ever since. “Our Deliverer, You are Savior. / In your presence we find our strength!”

3. I learned that to a young man from a country with a shortage of women and a one-child policy, the Saudi Arabian permission to have up to four wives and dozens of children may sound very appealing indeed.

4. I learned that I thoroughly enjoy the movie Belle, both for its satisfying romance and social commentary. (And also for its general gorgeousness.)

5. I learned that the world of IT and programming, the question of design is no longer a question. Those involved in computer programming — writing code and such — recognize the necessity of a mind behind our intelligible universe. So the question for them is not “Is there a Designer?” but “Who might that designer be?”

6. I learned that C. S. Lewis and I probably share a Myers-Briggs personality type. (He never took the test, so it’s speculation there, and, as best I can remember, I’ve had two different results on two different testings.)

7. I learned that the Pitanga, Surinam Cherry, Brazilian Cherry, or Cayenne Cherry (Eugenia uniflora), which has been growing, unnoticed by me, beside the barn at my grandparents’ house for, oh, only longer than I’ve been alive, is a thing of beauty:Eugenia uniflora

8. I learned — relearned, learned more about — the beauty of the body of Christ, in which fellowship born out of this one unity can trump all the variables of race and region and socioeconomics, in which this fellowship can transform a table of strangers into family feast.

9. I learned that list-making can be refreshing in the midst of summer-school homework.


©2014 by Stacy Nott

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