in which i don’t know

Between Blue Rocks

The question, for several days now, has been “What to write?” And the answer, in many frustrated permutations, always returns, “I don’t know.”

because sometimes i write with ink on paper

I’ve heard and I’ve taught that “I don’t know” is an appropriate answer, that the beginning of knowledge is often an acknowledgement of ignorance. But “even a fool, when he keeps silent, is considered wise” (Prov. 17:28 NASB), while the one who declares his ignorance exposes himself to the judgment of those who may know. (This is why, I’m sure, students prefer to say nothing to questions in class — it’s somehow less embarrassing to look down at the page of your lit anthology than to speak up and say “I have no idea.”)

Sparing use of words can be a good strategy, too, because it gives the words you do use more weight. But it includes a risk: speak too seldom, and people will forget you have a voice, forget…

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