For a sudden shower that swept across the pond and misted me on my porch-seat, while all the while the sun shone.

For children, “lovely in limbs, and lovely in eyes,” and lovely in voices, filling the house for a night and part of a morning: so alive.

For a God who prevented the internet from working, to remind me that I hadn’t been in His word today, to revive my soul and rejoice my heart.

For rain now that comes again across the field, this reminder of washing and of satisfaction: thirst no more.

For Annie F. Downs, who suggests: “Live today well because tomorrow may hold all the promises,” and who says that “Maybe being ridiculously full of hope is the real life we were meant to have.”

And for hope.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo!

Joining Lisa-Jo again today; read what she and the rest of her “flash-mob” of writers have written about “grateful” by clicking the button above.

©2014 by Stacy Nott


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