Five-Minute Friday: Joy

They say that children thrive best when they know their boundaries, and know that those boundaries will be — albeit lovingly — enforced.

I’ve always liked having rules myself, coloring in the lines, pleased to understand where I belonged and to remain there.

And I so find a certain kind of relief in having a door upon which I’d somewhat reluctantly knocked definitely be closed to me today, to know that, however good the opportunity might have been, it is not mine to pursue. Joy, in coming up against a boundary.

They aren’t always joyful, are they? We run into walls, beat our heads against them, angry, often, at the God who prevents and prevents in seemingly unnecessary ways.

But even then. Even then, we know that He is the loving Father, enforcing boundaries that are for our benefit, showing us where we belong and keeping us there.

It’s easy to believe it on this lovely second day of spring, when my world is beginning to come out in blossoms and life seems full of pleasant places.

Lord, teach me to take joy in the boundaries on the dark days, as well.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo!

Joining Lisa-Jo and the rest who are blogging on “joy” today. To read more, or join in yourself, use the button above!

©2014 by Stacy Nott

6 thoughts on “Five-Minute Friday: Joy

  1. Oh you are wise! I see it so much in my kids but rarely stop to pay attention in my own life. The need for boundaries. That I could be joyful on the days He closes a door I wanted open. Beautifully written.

  2. This is lovely, Stacy. I will tuck this in my heart as a reminder to choose joy the next time I come up against one of God’s loving boundaries. Because whether pleasant or painful, His boundaries always lead us to the best life–a life more fully reliant, in love, with Him. Blessed you linked up behind me today at FMF. 🙂

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