Five Minute Friday: Crowd

A get-away with the cousin.

We toured a cave today. The guide called us “Florida” and “Mississippi” and asked us to be the caboose.

I liked being the caboose, trailing after the crowd, able to take my time and to look and listen.

I like to look and listen, and I enjoy a crowd, when I’m allowed to be on the outer parts of it, when I know my place in it.

You get to watch and see how children are just like their parents, sometimes. You get to see the contrast between a smiling face and a grumpy face. You get to hear snatches of conversation, and to laugh about them.

But a crowd is best when you can be on the edge of it with a friend, not on the edge of it alone. And the best part about today’s crowd was that I was not “Mississippi” all on my own; I had “Florida” with me.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo!


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©2014 by Stacy Nott

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