Polyphonic, a poem: Word-Wonder Day 23

Since this week of Word-Wonder deals with poetry and song, I decided to use at least some of the days to actually write poetry. Poetry is a thing that usually requires time: it follows that poetic products of only one day’s growth may not be so developed as they might have been. But practice is always worthwhile. Without further explanation, then, here is the first poem for Word-Wonder: “Polyphonic.”


Hours of so-
slow practice:
tips of curved fingers
over black-and-
white keys.

equal, indepen-
dent melodies

They say I abuse
my keyboard,
typing with such force.
I say:
piano fingers.

The melodies
echo one another,
join forces some-
times, swell and
fade apart.

Now she
plays Bach. I’m
in the teacher chair,
swaying like a
metronome needle.

I once wrote
stories in
practice journals:
stories explaining
the songs.

Now,  the typing
sings: words
pouring from
staccato tips of
curved fingers.

She’s working
hands sepa-
rately: equal,

When her curved
finger-tips have
learned, she’ll
make them sound

©2013 by Stacy Nott

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