It’s Friday, and it’s October, and I’ve decided to combine the Five-Minute Friday prompts with my thirty-one-day theme. Since my theme is Word-Wonder, and this week focuses on words, I just spent five minutes playing with word associations. Nothing deep or vast, just fun, because words are fun, and because today begins my students’ Fall Break, and because I let them out early, and because they smiled and the sun is shining. If you want to join in with Five Minute Friday, use the Five Minute Friday button at the bottom. And if you want to read my more serious posts in my Word-Wonder theme, click “Word-Wonder” in the sidebar. Also, if you want to play the word-association game with me, please jump in with your own word-strings in the comments. Because words are wonderful.


Write. Right. Wright.

Write. Erase. Scribble. Blot. Smear.

Right. Left. Correct. Upright. Downright. Happy all the time.

Wright. Wheelwright. Wheels. Circles. Orbits. Planets. Earth.

To write. To set pen to paper. To set fingers to keyboard. ASDFJKL;

The playwright is the right man to write. (Shakespeare?)

I write. I have written. I will write. I wrote.

Rote. Rotate. Rotation. Axis. Ally. World War II.

Write. Writing. Words. Wonder.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo!

©2013 by Stacy Nott

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