Having recently written a big post about being small and glad, and having failed after starting two different posts for this Five Minute Friday prompt, I decided to simply spend five minutes listing some small things which have made me glad. In her most recent World magazine column, Andrée Seu Peterson writes of small things: “All my life I skipped the small things that I thought wouldn’t make any difference. Guess what: they did.” When I stop to think about them, so much delight is wrapped up in such tiny packages: I don’t want to skip it. Be small; notice small things; do small things; make small lists, and delight in them.

  • A snowy egret and a blue heron wheeling above our pond.
  • Smudges of dirt on the faces of boys who work hard.
  • A phone conversation with a kindred spirit.
  • A toddler who was willing to sit in my lap and make car noises with me: “Vroom!” he said, and “Vroom!” I answered.
  • A letter in the mail.
  • The lady in the graduate office remembering my name as well as my face.
  • An email that said, “You did a good job,” when I felt like I didn’t.
  • Turtles that come to eat the crumbs we feed the fish.
  • A bookmark hanging on my rear-view mirror: “Real life is the best fairy tale.”

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©2013 by Stacy Nott

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