Five Minute Friday: Story

And the ways we keep our stories are different now, and how, years down the road, will we judge which were the important days, with all of them Instagramed and Tweeted, detailed in status updates and text messages?

We used to have to decide the important moments more carefully, rationing the roll of camera film, telling them in hand-written letters, which require time, in journal entries, in the margins of photo albums. The photo albums tell a lopsided story, maybe, recording the unusual rather than the every-day, and we didn’t have twenty versions of a pose from which to pick the best one.

The pictures don’t fade, anymore. We can’t bend the pages of a digital album. We can’t be sure, having deleted our copy of a picture or a text message, that it won’t resurface somewhere else, later on, when we don’t want it in the story.

In the ease of the telling and the viewing, are we forgetting the value of stories? With all the books in the world available at the touch of a screen, do they excite us in the same ways? When we have five hundred photos of a face in our story, do we still look at the face, the real face, and see the story there?

Having so many tools with which to keep the stories, so many stories kept, will we retell them, revel in them, remember them?

Joining Lisa-Jo Baker’s Friday Flash Mob today. If you’d like to participate, just click on the image above.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Story

  1. I love a good story. I enjoy waiting for it to fall into place. I enjoyed this so much. A picture is worth a thousand words…but does that mean we stop writing? I think not!

    I’m looking forward to taking a look around!

    • There’s so much more to a person than pictures, though . . . sometimes I wonder if the frozen photos actually prevent us remembering the whole person, if we limit our minds to what we can see, instead of the larger experience: the motion and sound and touch and atmosphere . . .

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