Dune Study

A beach house with three other English majors. We’re writing a poem a day — without much editing, as you’ll imagine — and sharing the poems with one another. And so, for lack of other writings to share with you this week, I present to you

Dune Study #1

Poems on command —
sand, and poetry,
in this, my beach house,
possessed as Thoreau
possessed farms — thoroughly,
and without the weight
of ownership.

Buoyantly mine,
the way rays
belong to the waves,
maintaining their ray-ness
though possessed by
this wave or that,
the way poems are
possessed by readers,
always the same
words, but new voices,

I will not hang
paintings on these walls, but
about them I’ll
think my own thoughts.
Not on command, but
just when I choose,
whether here, with the sand,
or away.

©2013 Stacy Nott

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