Five Minute Friday: Comfort

Five Minute Friday. The word is “comfort.”

Today my brother graduates from college. We went to a reception with his department — Aerospace Engineering, if you want to know — and stood around balancing traditional reception plates full of traditional reception foods, and chit-chatted with other graduates and their families. Four years ago, I was the graduate, but the reception was for my whole university — admittedly much smaller than the brothers’ — and I was, as it turns out, much less comfortable.

I don’t know why. Why the peers and professors with whom I had spent four years of my life frightened me that graduation day, why I didn’t know what to do with my hands and feet and words. But that’s how it was.

Today, with four years’ more experience balancing reception plates and plastic punch glasses, I was, yes, much more comfortable.

James Herriot, in one of his books, remarks that “Cats are connoisseurs of comfort.” Sometimes I think am, too. Give me my comfortable space, my comfortably defined roll. Tell me who I am and how I am to behave. That, for me, is comfort.

I suppose these four years have helped me with that. Helped me to know who I am, how that who behaves. Mostly, they’ve been years to teach me what I knew four years ago, but didn’t know how to apply. The answer to the who — and it sounds cliche probably — but the answer is, I’m Christ’s. Recipient of His love. Beneficiary of His grace.

So that I walk beloved wherever I walk. I walk beautiful, because He beautifies. In that is great comfort.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo!

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Comfort

  1. Christ’s and walking beautiful, balancing plates and coming to know what we once learned—that’s the stuff of life. I enjoyed your post. Wanted to know more of who you are and found this on your “about” page:
    I love words. And light. Words that bring light; and the Word that is the Light.

    “I am young. I know little. But perhaps writing what I see will help me to see more clearly. Perhaps, in a small way, my words can bring light, too.” Just insert “old” in the first sentence and you’ll know more about me, too.

    Thanks for sharing about what it means to grow.

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