widening outlook

This past weekend saw me road-tripping to visit the girl who still introduces me to people as her roommate, even though it’s been four years (and counting) since we shared a dorm room.

I took this audio version of Dorothy L. Sayers’ Whose Body? to help the highway pass, and I found Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey to be rather good company.

Somewhere on the highway between Demopolis and Selma, Alabama, Wimsey made a remark which I considered noteworthy. I managed to scrawl it in purple ink on the printed directions which I had on the passenger seat while continuing toward to Selma. (The road is fairly straight.)

I kept the scrawl, and I’ve been carrying the words in my head the past few days, finding them applicable in many situations and worth sharing as well as scrawling. So here they are:

“There’s nothing you can’t prove if your outlook is only sufficiently limited.”

Carry them in your head awhile and enjoy their applicable-ness, if you choose.

Hear the “proofs” propounded by these people or those people, and consider how those “proofs” might fall flat and empty were the outlook widened just sufficiently to hold more than the pre-determined reasons. Consider how often we “prove” this or that by placing things in the impossible category because of our limited outlook. And consider how the view from heaven knows no limits, how God laughs at our “proofs” and deigns to do the very things which we declare impossible.

Considering that, be glad, and look, with hopeful eyes, on this new year.


©2013 by Stacy Nott

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