Five Minute Friday: Stay

Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo and all her “flash mob” of writers again. Today’s word is “stay.”

“Keep on staying.” It was one of those weird moments, when his words stuck out funny, and meant more than they seemed to mean: me standing there with a heavy book bag, saying I needed to go do homework. I don’t remember whether I stayed or went, only that it was moment when something shifted; eventually, that shift hurt.

I haven’t done much staying. I hold the word in my mind, and think: it’s the thing I’ve always wanted to do, never done. We moved and moved and moved. I wanted a home that would be home 25 years later, a place I could take my kids one day and tell them of me growing up there. I wanted to stay.

Or I’ve wanted things to stay, times to stay, people to stay. I’ve wanted to hold things still, keep them exactly balanced, prevent any shifts that could cause awkwardness or pain.

But that isn’t the way of things. They roll on and on, never staying, or, if they seem to stay, I don’t. The semester just began and now it is ending. I finally know all the students’ names, and soon I won’t need them.

The shifts: they hurt. The motion wearies me. But they send me again and again to the place where I may stay, back to Christ. He bids me abide in Him. He tells me I can keep on staying at His side. He promises that, though all else gives way around me, when I stay in Him, I shall not fall.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Stay

    • I had Edward’s Moat’s wonderful hymn playing in my head:
      “His oath, His covenant, His blood,
      Support me in the whelming flood.
      When all around my soul gives way,
      He then is all my hope and stay!”

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