whatever, in a good way

Whatever my God ordains is right;
In His love I am abiding.
I will be still in all He does
And follow where He is guiding.

I’ve known this hymn for rather a long time, but haven’t been singing it much in recent years. This week, I rediscovered it in a new setting, by Sovereign Grace Music, and found it ever so timely. (I suggest you click on this sentence and give the song a listen.)

I spent the summer learning, or relearning, or remembering, how to be still. I still don’t do it well. Being still involves setting aside the the pressure of the large things everyone else is doing, and simply doing the small things to which you know you’ve been called. Sometimes your small things look large to other people; sometimes they’re so small other people can’t see them. But if you know that you’re supposed to be doing them, what other people see shouldn’t matter.

God shuts doors, and you bruise your head against them, and finally sit back quietly, because if He shut you in the hallway, He’ll open the doors in His good time. So you are still.

When I was finally still, He flung wide a door and summoned me through, though I wasn’t knocking any more, though I was content to sit quietly. And because I hadn’t planned to be walking here — back in my teacher shoes again — for another several months, it will have to be all grace keeping me walking. It would have been, in any case, but I might not have seen it. I celebrate:

He holds me that I shall not fall,
And so to Him I leave it all.

Hymn words by Samuel Rodigast, 1676, translated by Catherine Winkworth, 1863, and updated by Mark Altrogge, 2007
Painting by Pamela Alderman, www.watercolorbypamela.com

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