A song for today. You might give it a listen:

I will wait for the Lord
Until He comes to make me whole;
His promise is my hope.*

The days grow long, in daylight and in work which seems never finished, and it is a question of where I fix my eyes and hang my heart.

Sometimes I wish that I’d chosen a simpler topic for the Master’s thesis, but then, when my tentative title is “Chasing Hope” and some of the research involves reading on the theology of the resurrection and the comedic vision of the gospel, there are constant reminders of where my hopes belong. I need the reminders, constantly.

And so I chase hope across four novels. I compose a serious speech about midterm grades and an explanation of the intricacies of Unit 3. One of my students comes early and asks if she can write a Psalm on the board; it is Psalm 67, which she writes from memory: May God be gracious to us and bless us and make His face to shine upon us . . .

As we stack the papers which are folded together at their top left corners because the stapler beside the printer was broken today, as we walk up and down the rows making sure the computers were all shut down properly, as we chase hope and wait to be made whole, be gracious to us, let us see the reflected shining of Your face, let us reflect that shining so others may see.

Let us wait for You.

*Words and music by Peter LaGrand of Ordinary Time. If you can’t figure out how to listen, click at the top where it says “A song for today.”  Then press the play button on the new page.

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